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Cheetah the Enchanted
Notch Road Fairies Collection
Unique Piece #15
This one of a kind little kitty has caught a few birds in her lifetime. Proudly displaying her feathery finds, Cheetah sits casually with her long, soft, ebony hair cascading behind her. Flowers and vintage jewelry pieces adorn her hand painted spotted skin, which reach all parts of her physique. A single sterling silver earring decorates her left pierced ear and her seductive smile is bound to capture your heart. She features unique handmade Monarch Butterfly wings and wild pheasant feathers. Her wings are constructed using delicate wire and mixed media which make her wings somewhat repositionable. Her captivating eyes are genuine tiger eye stones and her clothing and shoes are genuine leather. The hours of love and care that went into her creation are visible, as Cheetah the Enchanted was handmade without the use of any molds, of any type! She comes with a numbered certificate of authenticity from the Notch Road Fairies Collection. She is delicately hand numbered on a discreet part of her body. Cheetah the Enchanted is made from polymer clay over a copper wire frame. She measures 4" tall, yet if standing she would measure approx. 8".


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