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Blue Moon Fey
Notch Road Fairies Collection
Unique Piece #16
Blue Moon Fey is a truly unique and rarely seen faerie. Her elusive nature keeps her in the shadows and her silver eyes captivate the inner dwellings of the soul. Each intricate part of her attire is hand worked metal, creating a sensual and untamed wardrobe. White arctic fox fur makes up her full head of hair, and a wild pheasant feather shows off her sense of beauty. Her striking blue skin is ornamented with brilliant metallic silver spots due to her extended amounts of time in the moonlight. The tips of her fingers have turned a radiant silver after spending long evenings dabbling her hands in stardust. The wings set gently on her back are made of mixed media and wire to allow for flexibility. She is mounted on top of a genuine slab of boulder opal. Don't let her intimidate you; she's only curious of our daylight lives. Measures approx. 4½" tall.


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