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Mabe the Merfolk Seer
Notch Road Fairies Collection
Unique Piece #17
Mabe (pronounced “Mah-Bay”) is a unique member of the mermaid family. Not only is she the resident “Seer” (fortune teller), she has also been blessed with a set of powerful underwater wings due to her long time service to the Merfolk Kingdom. A crown of real white coral and genuine Mabe Pearls is delicately set on her flowing brown hair. Her highly detailed tail is scattered with intricate scales and sparkling glitter, while her fin fans delicately behind her. A metallic green/silver hue radiates from her underwater skin and her soft eyes have real eyelashes made from human hair (that of Saielle, the artist). Mabe is removable from her base, which is one solid slab of Green Quartz, and her water clear “scrying crystal ball” is cradled in real white coral. She has knowledge and wisdom that far surpass her years and her delicate nature warms the soul. Don't be afraid to ask her your future – she tells all with her loving touch. Mabe measures 7" in length and 5½" tall. Her Green Quartz base measures 8" long.


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