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Ming "Guardian of the Koi"
Notch Road Fairies Collection
Unique Piece #18
Ming is a masterful creature indeed. Her stunning color and magic capture the imagination. Smiling and graceful, Ming is the appointed guardian of the Koi Fish Kingdom. Her intimidating tattoos are all hand painted to depict an ornate Asian dragon on her abdomen and a river of fresh reeds, bubbles, and a delightful Koi fish that flow up her arm. She holds a glittering, delicate trident that is removable and can be placed in the welcoming, or the defense, position. A genuine gold filled necklace, with a jade colored glass leaflet adorns her bosom. Small underwater tattoos create a sonar effect on her eyes, cheeks, and upper arm. Her shimmering scales cascade around her to create a lovely calico body, while her sparkling fins are outstretched in an excitable manner. Ming's eyelashes are made from natural human hair (that of her artist Saielle), and her ebony hair flows wildly in the wake. A small streak of pale Arctic Fox fur cascades from her head. Ming, Guardian of the Koi, is a one of a kind sculpture made using no molds whatsoever in her creation. Ming comes complete with her underwater world display (also handmade), that incorporates a lovely arrangement of handmade wreaths, natural shells and coral, and much more. Ming is removable from her stand and measures approx. 7 tall x 7 wide. Her display stand measures approx. 14 tall x 13 wide. Ming is numbered in a discreet place on her body, and comes with a signed and numbered Certificate of Authenticity.


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