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Sunny "Nurturer"
Notch Road Fairies Collection
Unique Piece #6
Sweet Sunny is a nurturer indeed, looking after the egg of a busy bird. She softens the nest with a mother's love and care. She is shy and soft spoken, yet her heart speaks volumes of what “love” should be. Long, soft, golden hair cascades from her modest brow and a warm soothing smile says all will be well. Blue garden butterfly style wings adorn her back, while a tiny hat of antiqued gold sets upon her head. A delicate necklace lies upon her bare body, and she has no shame in her natural form. Tiny green leaves stream from a braid of knotted hair, and real wild pheasant feathers cradle her nesting egg. A genuine agate slab balances the nest and her gentle spirit is sure to capture your heart. Sunny is removable from the nest and measures approx. 2¾” tall including her wings. In her nest, she measures approx. 4” tall.


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