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Dirty May
Notch Road Fairies Collection
Unique Piece #7
Dirty May is a wild one indeed! She gets her name from her playful earth-loving nature of getting dirty while frolicking in the woods. Hand sculpted, Dirty May is a one of a kind piece, never to be duplicated again! Measuring 2" tall (without her white birch log), she is bound to tantalize and captivate an audience where ever she takes up residence. Her beautiful red dragon fly style wings span 5" across and authentic pheasant feathers reach from her gathered hair. A natural acorn cap tilts slightly on her head and cruelty free, hand washed, camel hair creates her wild mane. Removable dried flowers can be replaced with whatever creative items you wish, such as feathers, strings, or ribbons. Dirty May comes complete with dried flower accessories, as well as her unique natural white birch log. Metallic tattoos adorn her physique and hand painted details bring out her beauty while her dirty feet embody her love of nature. She can be placed just about anywhere in the home to accent most decor. Delicately signed and numbered, Dirty May is bound to be a long time collectible from the Notch Road Fairies Collection. Includes a signed, numbered, and dated Certificate of Authenticity.


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